Derrick Johnson

Improv Techniques to Better Speaking, Leadership and Storytelling

Saturday, November 11, 9:55 am - Songhees Suite 1st floor

Improv has positively transformed my life. Mid-career, and, by some definitions, I was a success, but it felt flat. Owning my own company, working hard with engineers, and I was as stale as a piece of week-old toast. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took an Improv Workshop. I continued to practice weekly with Loose Moose Theatre – eventually making it to main stage. Life took me to different cities, but the benefits gleaned from that workshop were so profound that they are the basis of my Master's Thesis:

“Blazing with An Inner Light: The Discipline of Improvisation for Leadership in a Turbulent Environment.”

If you want to experience some of the improv techniques that can enhance creative thinking, cultivate your leadership at all levels, and allow your spontaneous genius to come out and play, just say “Yes” and try Derrick's workshop. We will practice fundamental improv techniques that you can apply in your life: Laughter and Learning guaranteed.

Every Toastmaster Deserves to Be in a Distinguished Club

Saturday, November 11, 8:55 am - Pacific Suite 3rd floor

Jennifer Mlazgar is a CPA from Penticton. She has been a Toastmaster since 2011. She joined Toastmasters to practice on-the-spot speaking and improve her communication skills. She has put these skills to good use every day in her work and personal life. This year, she is serving as Division K Director of District 21. She feels the greatest responsibility of a Toastmaster is to volunteer your time and support your fellow Toastmasters.

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be in a Distinguished Club? Page five of the Distinguished Club Program manual states: “When your club possesses characteristics of quality, the member experience is enhanced. A high-quality club encourages and celebrates member achievement, provides a supportive and fun environment and offers a professionally organized meeting with variety.” Sounds fantastic, right? Jennifer has found a way to break through the dialogue, explain the Distinguished Club Program, with a hands-on workshop developing a plan of action to becoming a Distinguished Club. After hearing her presentation, you too will believe every Toastmaster deserves to be in a distinguished club.

Jennifer Mlazgar

Natella Isazada

The Secret Language of Leadership

Saturday, November 11, 8:55 am - Arbutus Ballroom

Always wanted to protect yourself and your loved ones from the persuasive power of unscrupulous Sales & Marketing? Ever wondered how Politicians garner so much support from crowds or how Media shapes our views without us even realizing it? Then the time has come for you to master the Secret Language of Leadership. Through fun storytelling you will learn how the ancient art of Rhetoric served humanity for millennia, while today it’s restricted only to a privileged few. Natella will show how the basic principles of Rhetoric apply to your speaking and leadership. You will learn to recognize 6 rhetorical techniques and to incorporate them into your own language in order to become a more effective, persuasive and powerful communicator.

Natella Isazada is a Personal and Organizational Excellence expert, speaker and author who empowers people to achieve professional success through personal growth and transformation. Originally from Azerbaijan, Natella experienced life in a few diverse places before finding her home in BC over 10 years ago. She has a strong background in Quality, Health & Safety Management; has several industry certifications and university degrees including MPA from University of Nebraska, Omaha.  Natella speaks at business conferences and other industry events. She shares her ideas through professional publications and her blog

The 4 A’s of Self-Leadership

Saturday, November 11, 9:55 am - Pacific Suite 3rd floor

Sabahat Naureen is a Certified Executive Coach on a mission to help individuals take control and become the CEOs of their life! Known for her energetic disposition and propensity to inspire action, she has coached entrepreneurs, engineers, and executives alike on the virtues of values-based leadership.

At ‘The 4 A’s of Self-Leadership’, you will learn a unique proprietary model that can be used as a navigational compass to help you advance towards (and sustain!) any big life transformation – whether it be accelerating your career, starting a passion-centric business or enriching your life with healthy habits.

True leadership starts with mastering your SELF, and understanding how to use your values, strengths and motivation to your advantage.

This will be a hands-on workshop – come prepared with one big change you want to make in your life. We will map it out together using the A4 model, and you will not only go home with a deeper understanding of yourself, but also an ACTION PLAN to set you up for continued success!

Sabahat Naureen

Gene Vickers

Creating New Toastmasters Clubs

Saturday, November 11, 8:55 am - Songhees Suite 1st floor

Gene Vickers is the original District Governor of District 96. As proud as he is of District 96, he is equally proud to be a serving member of District 21. During his tenure as Lieutenant Governor of Marketing and New Club Coordinator, District 21 had 23 new clubs both years. That is the highest number of new clubs in District 21 history. He plans to use that experience and momentum to create many new clubs this year as the District 21 Club Extension Chair.

Gene will share the powerful “what’s in it for me” of starting new Toastmasters Clubs - the “how to” form a new club, from creating prospects to Demo Meeting to Charter. After attending this session, you will be sold on “why”, have full confidence on “how”, learn where others have created unneeded obstacles for themselves and how to simplify the process to make it fast, fun and successful. The District 21 goal for this Toastmaster year is to have at least one new club in every Area. Take in this session and learn how to ace this process and your leadership goals.

What Will the New Online World Mean to You and Toastmasters?

Saturday, November 11, 9:55 am - Arbutus Ballroom

Lifelong learning is more than a cliché with Vic Lindal. For 25 years he has been a personal coach. His key tenant is to help his clients stretch. He has practiced that in his Toastmasters experience as he extends his boundaries in new ways to effectively communicate face to face or online. He is a big fan of Carol Dweck and this quote of hers exemplifies his approach today: “Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going.” (Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success)

We must challenge ourselves to be on the “get better mind set program.” In this presentation Vic explores what the aspects of online mean in the world of being an effective communicator and leader - how to mentor and how to connect with the world and truly put International into Toastmasters. Vic is a member of the Royal Roads online club and Master Motivators.

Vic Lindal